Are you a piece of art because I’d like to nail you up against a wall

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        {ℓoѵе} is  ρ α т ɪ е ɴ т
                         s е ʟ ғ ʟ е s s
                         ʜ o ρ е ғ υ ʟ
                         κ ɪ ɴ ɗ

                                                             {ℓoѵе} is  ȷ е a ʟ o υ s
                                                                              s е ʟ ғ ɪ s ʜ
                                                                              ʜ е ʟ ρ ʟ е s s
                                                                              в ʟ ɪ ɴ ɗ

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main regret about being a law student : being a law student

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          ⊰⊰ ✎ ⊱⊱ —-;;  ❝Freedom. New start. And less drugs that are illegal.❞

                   [ he hummed, as he flicked away the ash
                    off of his fag, looking down at his feet.
                    he’s happy for a new start. a drastic need.
                    but he couldn’t just wait around no more. no sir. ]

                  ❝Well, I really don’t care if you know,
or not, but it was you.❞

               [ he says it so nonchalantly.
                he really doesn’t care. so much of the peer pressure,
                self-loathing, and falling in love with a facade,
                has left him into the mere personification of drugs,
                alcohol, and a creative mind. ]

                      ❝Now’s a good time to call Burroughs over.❞

▐ █ ⌊ ♦ ⌉             ❝Of course it was. I’m everyone’s wet dream.❞
                              Though really, hatred is only skin deep.

                    ( He’s flattered, maybe. Though mostly he’s 
                      Still caught on the Italy thing. It felt like only
                      yesterday he was fleeing to France, though
                      he won’t breakdown into a heap on his bed
                      for you, that’s never been his way. Instead 
                      he lets the cigarette fall to the floor, crushing
                      it down with the tip of his shoe. He found the
                      that it was leaving a bad taste in his mouth. )

    ( ─ Ice hues move from you, to the door.
        Before he’s turned around, going to
        his liquor cupboard. )                             

                                                             ❝Well, you know where the phone is.❞

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     ⊰⊰ ✎ ⊱⊱ —-;;  ❝Move to Italy. Which I already bought my boat ticket, for next month.❞
                  [ yes, the paterson-raised boy was leaving his comfort-zone,
                    for the first time.
                    he’s grown tired of the same thing, over and over.
                    he might bring his mother with him. ]

                        ❝I’ll leave that for your imagination, dear friend.❞

        [ his smirk widened,
          as he took another drag,
          turning away from the blond. ]


▐ █ ⌊ ♦ ⌉                      ( Bring your mother and let our Doctor Bates
                                         theory grow. Though really those might
                                         have to do with his swarm of undug daddy
                                         issues. Potato, patatoe. )                                          

                       ❝What is there in Italy?
                          Water.. old, rocky buildings?❞

               ( If your ear was against our chest you would hear
                  the sudden thump of heart to rib cage. If it’s from
                  excitement or dread we’re unsure, but if you stop
                  and think about it, when was the last time he was
                  happy for someone other than himself? Never.

                              And really, we just hope you know how to swim.
                              Because we do but our legs aren’t strong and
                              he’s being pulled away by the current of his own
                              emotion, of his own idea of abandonment. )

                                                     ❝I don’t have a good imagination.
                                                        I’m not the writer.❞

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              ⊰⊰ ✎ ⊱⊱ —-;;  ❝I’m set, on that part of my unwritten bucket list.❞
                [ he’s amused to hear those words leaving his lips,
                  stirring that small box of feelings he had for him.
            it was hidden under writing, the highs, and the overall poisoning of his brain. ]
        ❝Though I was thinking about someone else the entire time..❞
            [ he sighed softly, his words in a murmur
              passed by the object in between his teeth. ]


▐ █ ⌊ ♦ ⌉            What else is on that list?❞

                                       ( He’s curious, and maybe he want’s to make
            himself useful again. It’s been a while since his last first time
            and we all know how he feels about those. And lets just say th
            at life has been unbearably narrow lately. )

                      ( Cue that devilish grin that makes the
                         fag in his mouth twist along with the
                         curves on full lips. )

                                                          ❝Who, you aren’t pulling a
                                                                Doctor Bates on me, are you?❞

I don’t just want to take your breath away. I want to rip it from your mouth and keep it locked away between my teeth. You can only have it back if you kiss me again. —Meggie Royer, Literary Sexts (via larmoyante)
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 ⊰⊰ ✎ ⊱⊱ —-;;  ❝I believe your job is done, Lu. I’ve been corrupted till day’s end.❞
         [ his brown eyes followed his movements,
          with a small smile,
          pushing his lenses higher upon
          the bridge of his nose. he canted his head with a soft sigh,
          receiving the fag in
          between his index and thumb.
          taking a long inhale, he let the smoke pass his [ lips in a cloud. ]


▐ █ ⌊ ♦ ⌉         ❝I should have realised that when
                                         I caught you in the library,❞

                      ( When the smoke leaves your own
                         mouth, he’ll open his. Receiving it
                         second hand and deciding that it
                         somehow tastes sweeter this way. )

                                                         ( Afterwards, his hand digs into his
                                                           pocket again, and he takes and
                                                           lights his own. )

        ❝with your dick in a two cent whores mouth.❞

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[ casually leaves this here. ]

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