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            ⊰⊰ ✎ ⊱⊱ —-;;  ❝I'm more used to it now,
                                          hanging around you and Burroughs.
                                          Also, have an extra cigarette?❞

▐ █ ⌊ ♦ ⌉       ❝Ah yes, the mission to corrupt  ─ ;
                         one young Allen Ginsberg is done. Because
                          he not only asks for liquor, but a fag. ❞

                                                  ( From his coat pocket, he takes
                                                    a small metal box, which he opens
                                                    up to reveal the cigarettes lined
                                                    against the lid of the box. He slips
                                                    one out, placing it on his lips before
                                                    reaching into his opposite pocket
                                                    for a light. 

                        Igniting the cigarette, teeth biting at the butt as
                        he does. He takes a huff of toxic smoke, before
                        passing it over to you. )




               ❝Mind reminding me again why you wanted me to do this?❞ He mumbled while standing next to the other, his voice just loud enough for the other to hear. Grayson was supposed to be acting as the other’s body guard, and he had heard the reason for it, but in that moment, he needed another reminder as to why he was doing this. His arms folded across his chest as he glanced towards the other before looking around them.

▐ █ ⌊ ♦ ⌉              ❝Because I’m being hunted down by
                                a force much greater than myself.
                                And I need you to keep me safe.❞

         He’s over exaggerating, as if that wasn’t obvious. He isn’t exactly being hunted
    down, but he is stepping foot into unmarked territory. If you pay close attention to 
    the signs in this ‘territory’ you’ll come to find that he’s not welcomed. But that’s ne
    ver stopped him before, and it won’t stop him now. The difference now is, that he 
    needs a little more help than before. 

                                                             ❝So, are you helping still or not?❞

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              ⊰⊰ ✎ ⊱⊱ —-;;  ❝Exactly.
                                              I’m actually wondering why you
                                              haven’t given me a glass yet.❞

▐ █ ⌊ ♦ ⌉      I guess I’m still not used to you doing things
                         so willingly.❞

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you gonna make me punk??

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 ⊰⊰ ✎ ⊱⊱ —-;;  ❝It doesn’t hurt to be versatile.
                                But science is definitely out of the range I would like to be in.
                                Maybe I’ll bottle liquor instead.❞

▐ █ ⌊ ♦ ⌉      An important, but under appreciated job.
                        So, it’s perfect. Speaking of liquor, and 
                        important things; would you like some?


am i sorry? —-

*judges you whilst looking dapper*

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           ⊰⊰ ✎ ⊱⊱ —-;;  ❝We should leave that to Burroughs. I’ll keep on being the writer who puts our thoughts on paper.❞


▐ █ ⌊ ♦ ⌉       Right, but don’t good writers have to be versatile?
                          I mean, what if our thoughts venture into the ─ ;
                          scientific range?❞